Powder coating

Thanks to Saveral’s investment in technology and automation its main activity of Powder Coating comes with guaranteed absolute quality results.

The determination and planning of each order, as well as perfecting the “man-machine” work relationship during the powder coating process, allows for optimal process management and the ability to identify an exact balance between internal production needs and response times for customers.

72h Lead times on traditional lines and 24h on samples simplify the concept.

Saveral srl offers Six high-productivity and flexibility plants designed for: aluminum products, aluminum alloy, magnesium, steel, copper, silver, iron and ferrous alloys:
three powder coating lines (one of which is latest generation), a painting line for brake pads, two systems for silk-screen printing, one to put logos on different items and one for motorcycle wheel rims.

The robotic system lines also employ specialized coating tools.

In combination with high-quality prepped surfaces, they ensure further phase-control both at the start and finish lines of the painting booth. Due to the careful and time-intensive selection and training of personnel, every step of painting (as well as the cleaning and unmasking phases) is carried out by process-specialists.
During specific processes, before entering the drying ovens, pieces have masks removed and are cleaned (with particular attention being paid to unpainted parts) to both eliminate any smudging and as an added control before hot finishing.

Needless to say, all these activities always endeavor to adhere to the value of absolute quality.

As for the quality of the powders, about 500 tons are bought by Saveral each year and used by the most important Italian and European paint manufacturers showcasing a winning synergy in the search of new solutions.

In fact, the company has coded about 500 powders, half of which are always in stock and ready to quickly meet the varied needs of its customers – including the need to formulate tailor-made colours.