Company values

Quality, respect, cohesiveness, passion, professionalism: these are all essential values ​​for Saveral srl. These Values ​​are intertwined with each other, but also stand separately on their own.

For over sixty years a combination of high-quality craftsmanship, industrial technology and automation has led Saveral to be first in Italy in the use of powder painting. Additionally, since 1970 Saveral has been strengthened by the constant professionalism of those who literally make up the company – its human capital.
The people’s experience and constant training, know-how skills and abilities represent the true value of Saveral.

Respecting not only the natural environment, but also towards the work environment, legally safe (filtration systems, fire protection, ppe, etc.), in which that capital works enthusiastically, is a duty and a right, an integral part of being Saveral.

Quality, respect, cohesion, passion and professionalism are values essential ​​to Saveral srl. They allow for the creation of high-level products and their enhancement by Saveral’s craftsmen.