Latest generation painting line

The latest arrival on the Saveral premises is a certificated 4.0 plant with integrated in-line pre-treatment, painting booth and a diathermic oil oven.

Inside a three-stage single-stage pretreatment washer (hot phospho-degreasing and two rinsing with demineralized water at room temperature), in line and with automatic doors, surface treatment occurs which gives corrosion resistance and excellent paint adhesion to the manufactured articles.
The drying process takes place in a cone oven with automatic doors, followed by the painting phase within a booth equipped with floor suction, where a bilateral treadmill facilitates workers throughout the painting process.

Finally, the powder firing process takes place in a full-polymerization oven, also provided with automatic doors facilitating sliding racks in and out.

There are several advantages, including ecological ones, to the new Saveral powder coating plant:

  • maximum capacity up to 800 kg, to paint large pieces, height 2,500 mm, width 2,000 mm and length 6,000 mm;
  • high flexibility able to treat any type of product below this maximum size;
  • decreased production times and, therefore, lessened lead times;
  • improved process effectiveness;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • the heating system is made by two furnaces, one for drying process and one for curing/baking powder, and is made with a centralized diathermic oil boiler with its dedicated distribution system. Compared to machine-mounted burners it offers considerable benefits including:
    • reduction of individual heat loss and consequent reduction and optimization of fuel consumption;
    • expedited energy management as it is brought back to just the boiler and not to the individual burners, allowing an appreciable saving on consumption;
    • improved oven temperature control, therefore, increased quality of the finished product;
    • decreased consumption and of the pollutant level in the water treatment plant on account of the washing liquids recirculation / pretreatment station;
Intestazione finanziamento Ambito Asse III POR FESR 2014-2020