Saveral closes the book on hazardous materials reporting

ISO 14001 Standard Certificate achieved an important goal: to eliminate hexavalent chromium from the surface coating processes of aluminum alloys.

Saveral ha eliminato dai processi di rivestimento superficiale delle leghe di alluminio il cromo esavalente

Saveral has eliminated hexavalent chromium, replacing it with trivalent chromium, from the pre-treatment and surface finishing processes of aluminium and its alloys.
By removing hexavalent chromium, both during the treatment and the coating process, there has been an improvement of the eco-friendly and safety work process while maintaining high levels of corrosion protection and adhesion of paints over final products.
Saveral’s new trivalent chromium-based surface treatment process for aluminium alloys is approved by the main players in the market ensuring toxicity-free labelling.
As part of environmental management standards, for which Saveral is certified ISO 14001, the elimination of hexavalent chromium from the surface treatment processes of aluminum alloys in November 2021, allowed to close the exposure to carcinogens register book.