Compliance Policy

SAVERAL wanted to identify an initial but precise COMPLIANCE PERIMETER that, in line with its VISION and its business model, defines the focus of its corporate MISSION.
The initial COMPLIANCE PERIMETER of SAVERAL, which is managed in form and in substance, addresses the following issues:

  • Quality of the processes and production carried out, in meeting the the customer’s contractual requirements
  • Quality of the processes and production carried out in compliance with the rules of environmental sustainability, with human resources and technical and technological infrastructure that comply with best practices and best standards regarding health and safety of workers and the efficient use of energy
  • Quality of processes and production carried out in keeping with maximum protection and safeguarding of data of any kind, processed in various ways and on various media using a “zero paper” approach
  • Quality of overall processes and activities in meeting stakeholders’ expectations, with attitudes and conduct that are administratively, socially and ethically responsible

Another strategic goal that the company sets itself is proper management of environmental aspects and it gives all areas the mandate to continuously and systematically improve the quality of environmental impacts related to production carried out and to activities and processes undertaken.
Health and safety in the workplace are another strategic goal that guide the choices of SAVERAL
Management is aware that these are not static objectives but that they require careful monitoring and adequate efforts for continuous improvement and updating, based on the significant needs of customers, protection of the health and safety of workers and reasonable profitability, as defined by the company strategy.
The implementation and development of the Compliance System is the most suitable way to achieve these objectives. As the foundation of the Integrated System, SAVERAL lays down the following essential requirements:

  • The direct, continuous and permanent commitment of Management in managing the Compliance System and the direct, full and conscious involvement and participation of personnel at all levels in implementing the Compliance System;
  • The relationship of maximum collaboration with customers in order to correctly assess and interpret their needs and to be always able to operate to its best ability;
  • The relationship of close collaboration and transparency with suppliers for the continuous improvement of the quality of materials, products and services purchased;
  • Focus on human resources (direct and temporary) and awareness of their key role in the dynamics of the company, which places great importance on training and on the development of skills and competences for all staff;
  • The continuous and constant research that drives the company forward towards cutting-edge solutions and technologies with a low environmental impact, to prevent and reduce pollution and to promote energy efficiency
  • Maintenance of an infrastructure that limits the environmental impacts of operational activity as far as possible;
  • prevention of occupational accidents and illnesses
  • Constantly keeping up to date and complying with the regulations in force and with all the other requirements to which the company subscribes, especially as regards the Administrative Responsibility of the organisation.

The SAVERAL Compliance System is based on achieving, maintaining and improving the requirements specified in the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001 standards, with the constant commitment of Management.