A company history of over sixty years

For more than sixty years Saveral s.r.l. has been a leading company in service to the national third-party industrial powder coating sector.

It was in 1954 when its founder Abele Preda began introducing the Galvanic Technique to the third sector. This involved mainly zinc coating processes but by 1960 Saveral was able to diversify and lay the foundations for liquid coat painting.

The year of 1970 marked a solid achievement for Saveral s.r.l. It becames the first company in Italy to introduce powder coating.
Saveral never yielded its leading role, due to its trademarked state-of-the-art quality service, and thanks to increasing recognition from both its extensive customers and competitors, it continuously strengthened its position.

In 2014 Saveral’s constant growth took Bergamo Painting to its 60th anniversary under the aegis of the company’s enduring trait all-round quality: materials, powders, processes, systems, highly qualified personnel, working environment, innovation and research, high production painting lines, seeking new solutions, thinking outside the box to satisfy customers’ requests and improve know-how, flexibility and customised logistic solutions to different needs, ecologically sustainable development with constant attention to carbon footprints.

Since being certified ‘UNI EN ISO 9001’ in 2003 (2008 current), Saveral has been on a long journey in quality.