Eco-sustainable production

Friend of the “environment which we live in”, friend of eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility, Saveral srl has always invested in sustainability across all its business operations to reduce its carbon footprint.

Saveral srl established eco-friendly priorities implementing for this purpose green equipment such as the osmosis plant within the painting tunnels for demineralised water production used for the second rinse of the pre-treatment lines. Water reused later, to reduce any waste, for the first rinse. A chemical-physical treatment plant for waste water close the circuit.

Saveral srl is authorized to vent emissions from processes such as: drying fumes; polymerization of painted surfaces; pyrolytic paint stripping, and pre-treatment vapours.

Additionally, Saveral srl installed a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system which guarantees 194.50 KwP and in 2016 introduced a new monoblock automatic treatment plant for waste water.