Control of the production cycle

Constantly monitored testing of all production processes is one distinctive trait of Saveral srl that ensures the achievement of high-quality standards in the finished product.

Each workflow step, from receipt of the goods to shipment involves specific testing calibrated to each detail to be painted.

The documentation system, with barcode progress, includes the customer’s design and technical records and provides real-time monitoring of painting orders throughout the production phase as well as an analysis and summary information.

Documentazione di Controllo

Constant verification of the installations

During the polymerisation and degassing phases temperatures are carefully tested on different areas of the items to assess the painting quality, while spectrophotometer colorimetric readings (CIELab) ensure that Saveral’s painting matches the customer’s original.Saveral srl also undertakes periodic plant parameter testing including oven temperature curve trends.

Internal testing laboratory

The LABORATORY inside the company performs several important testing functions.

Chemical resistance tests

– exposure in salt spray chamber (UNI ISO 9227 standard)
– exposure in a humidostatic chamber (UNI 8744 standard) (carried out by an external laboratory)

Mechanical resistance tests

– mechanical drawing tests (UNI 8900 standard)
– BUCHOLZ hardness tests
– bending tests with conical mandrel (UNI ISO 1519 standard)
– grating or quadrice adhesion tests (UNI EN ISO 2409 standard)

Other tests

– gloss measure (UNI 9389 standard)
– coating thickness measurement (UNI ISO 2360 standard)
– colorimetric
– in order to meet its customer’s needs, Saveral uses external laboratories with the means of providing further tests on painted surfaces.