Saveral industrial painting

Company philosophy

The Philosophy of Quality at Saveral s.r.l., a national leading company renowned in the powder coating industry, is the golden thread through all its activities.
This thread has been woven from over 60 years’ experience and has brought added value to both the organization and production, allowing Saveral to take on an undisputed star-role in the industry.

Powder coating: the core business

Saveral’s core business is powder coating. This happens mainly through four high-production and flexible installations, which are designed for aluminium, aluminium alloy, magnesium, steel, copper, silver, iron and ferrous alloy products.
The painting process also uses other pre-treatment processes: phospho-degreasing; fluothitanation; chromatization.

Beyond painting

There is a special division dedicated to extra working – such as pre-treatments or finishing, pre-assembly, special rendering on raw material, custom masking, silk-screen printing, special packaging – and designing ad-hoc painting systems and equipment for specific parts or extremely difficult surfaces. This special division adds value to the company’s core business, aiming for the best customer satisfaction experience.

Saveral provides high quality powder coating services to the following sectors: automotive, furniture and design (stoves, accessories and ship furniture), industrial (plant engineering, automation, heavy carpentry, electromechanical and electronic/electrical components).

The company in numbers

The NUMBERS themselves demonstrate the “certified” experience of the company, emphasizing its high calibre.

Very few plants in Italy paint large-scale works (height 2,500 mm, width 2,000 mm, length 6,000 mm) and Saveral technology, with its new line, is part of that exclusive shortlist.
Moreover, thanks to next generation plant, the transport system allows for a maximum capacity of 800 kilograms.

Maximum efficiency on all processes

Saveral guarantees lead times up to 72 hours on traditional lines and up to 24 hours on samples, processing small orders as efficiently as large-scaled productions.

There are 500 coded powders available, half of which are constantly in use and always in stock, guaranteeing a wide range of solutions and short response times when it is necessary to customize new colours for particular needs.

Saveral buys about 500 tons a year from the most important and qualified producers of Italian and European powder paints and its established relationship of trust, collaboration and professionalism ensures the constant improvement of existing powders and pursuit of new ones.

The bursting business carried out by “Bergamo painting” takes place in a total area of ​​approximately 7,000 square metres and includes: incoming and outgoing goods warehousing, pre-treatment plants, powder application departments, control and packaging department, water purification, compressor room, powder warehouse, thermal-paint plant, testing laboratory, administrative offices.